Best Price GuaranteeD


Book any available accommodation rates direct with Cove 55 and enjoy our Best Price Guarantee!

If you find a lower, qualifying rate published on another hotel booking site, we will match it, and you will enjoy the additional benefit of 10% discount on all Food and Beverage services from Kechala Restaurant throughout the duration of your stay.

The Best Price Guarantee applies only to prices advertised and available to general public on websites other than at the time of verification.

Book directly with us and enjoy many additional advantages:

  • Direct communication with the hotel
  • Seamless customer service
  • No hidden fees or extra costs
  • Instant Confirmation
  • Fast and Easy Amendments

How to book using ‘Best Price Guaranteed’:

STEP 1: If you find a qualifying rate lower on another hotel booking site contact us by email on

[email protected]

Please Title your Email Subject: BEST PRICE GUARANTEED

STEP 2: In your email body please provide the following information:

  1. Arrival Date
  2. Room Category
  3. Number of Persons
  4. Length of Stay
  5. The Lowest Rate per night quoted on the booking site
  6. The Rate per night comparatively quoted on our booking site
  7. State the hotel booking site where you found the lower rate
  8. Insert screen shot/screen grab from the booking site of the lower rate showing date and time of search
  9. Your Full Name for Booking Purposes

STEP 3: Send the email to us and we will reply within 24 hours informing you of our findings:

  1. If the lower rate IS valid andqualifiable for our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE, Cove 55 will respond with automatic confirmation of your requested booking and the terms associated.
  2. If lower rate IS NOT valid or qualifiable, Cove 55 will inform you of the reason why and NO reservation will be confirmed on your behalf.

Best Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions:

  • Best price guarantee applies only to NEW direct bookings made on or after 01stMay 2020.
  • Applicable only against bookable rates for the same length of stay, dates of reservations, room category, number of persons andall other reservation conditions.
  • Applicable only if request is made priorto reservation confirmation.
  • No claims against Best Price Guarantee will be considered after a reservation is confirmed.
  • Cove 55 DOES NOT guarantee room availability at time of ‘Best Price Guarantee’ request.
  • A small price difference of 3% or less of the total booking value due to currency conversions is not eligible for our Best Price Guarantee.
  • Cove 55 will investigate and inform you of our decision within 24hours of having received your request for a Best Price Guarantee reservation.
  • The Best Price Guarantee applies only to rates which have matching terms for comparison such as deposit payment, number of guests and cancellation terms.
  • At all times Cove 55 standard reservation terms and conditions apply

The Best Price Guarantee DOES NOT apply to:

  • Taxes, gratuities or fee imposed by local authority, or any charges or fees that may apply or be incurred during your stay
  • Existing reservations made before 01stMay 2020
  • No claims will be accepted for arrivals within 7 days of reservation
  • Reservations not made directly with Cove 55
  • Hotel package rates
    (e.g. which include a combination of accommodation, dining, excursions, transfers etc)
  • Unpublished or negotiated rates
    (membership, partnership and rewards programs, corporate discounts, negotiated rates, group, meeting and events or other rates that are not available to the general public.)
  • Other Online Sites
    • Websites that package room nights with any other components such as tours, flights, transfers, etc.
    • Auction sites.
    • Closed user group offers
  • Rates offered to direct mail or email solicitations.
  • The Best Price Guarantee will be suspended during the times where are not available due to an outage, a technical issue or circumstance beyond such other conditions as we may implement or stipulate from time to time in accordance with our Cove 55 prevailing practices.


  • Cove 55 reserve the right to amend, revise, supplement, suspend or discontinue our Best Price Guarantee at any time without notice. Nothing stipulated above shall be taken as representation, warranty or an obligation against Cove 55.

10% Discount against Food and Beverage Terms and Conditions:

During your stay Cove 55 will automatically extend a 10% discount against Food and Beverage Services from Kechala Restaurant which will be clearly detailed and shown on your invoice upon check out:

  • 10% Discount is only valid on Food and Beverage Services from Kechala Restaurant
  • 10% Discount is NOT valid on purchases made at Pool Bar or Room Service
  • 10% Discount is NOT valid on already discounted menu items or in conjunction with any food and/or beverage promotions
  • 10% Discount is NOT valid on applicable taxes and/or service charges
  • 10% discount is NOT transferable to any other resort services
  • Should Kechala Restaurant services not be utilized during your stay no credits will apply.

Discounts are valid and available for use from official check-in time of 3pm on day of arrival until official check out time of 12pm on day of departure.

BOOK NOW and look forward to your stay in our little slice of paradise.