Cove 55 is an Ethnic-Inspired Hideaway where the naturally untainted foot of Mount Santubong gently welcomes the undulating South China Sea. Where tribal elements subtly influence contemporary sensibilities. Ethnic luxury takes on a refreshingly renewed and refined form at Cove 55.

Built originally as a holiday home for an Iban family, the sprawling property is now reborn as an intimate retreat. A private hideaway that’s infinitely customisable to personal tastes and differing occasions.

Guests seeking to connect with nature will appreciate the stylish expanse of the overwater platform, designed to seamlessly blend the edge of the infinity pool with the horizon of the South China Sea. Sipping on mixologist crafted cocktails served straight from the pool bar, it’s easy to lose track of your idyllic time here marvelling at a glorious sunset behind the mountain, or simply enjoying a good book in your lap.
Beyond rejuvenating urban weary souls, it is the owners’ wish to have guests discover and immerse in the pride of Sarawakian land here.

While we highly recommend that you disconnect from routine and enjoy the luxury of doing nothing, activities for every level of fitness can easily be arranged in the beautiful surrounding jungle.


Cove 55 | Kechala
Lot 55, Jalan Sultan Tengah (Santubong / Damai Road)
Santubong, Sarawak 93010, Malaysia
T: (60) 82 846068 F: (60) 82 846069
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